2017 biggest fashion trends.

As I said before. My blog is about anything I love, and fashion is one of my favorite subjects I’d like to share and talk about. ENJOY! via:THE BIGGEST FASHION TRENDS OF 2017

Heart recovery , life recovery .

This painting is a masterpiece of someone who survived a heart disaster that affected his life and turned it into a whole another one. This someone didn’t listen to what people told him and he will never do since his heart is on recovery. Because once it’s recovered , he’ll do whatever he feels it’s…

Fashion week : Fashion luv !

Since it’s fashion week season , I decided to write a little about fashion . Fashion has always been a passion to me . I remember when I was 8 years old I began watching fashion shows and since then I fell in love . It’s my happiness seeing those models walking down the runway…

Easy Starters

Source: Easy Starters This blog inspired and motivated me to aim for the better and to work even harder to improve myself and skills .