A Blogger’s Voice

This blog is really interesting . It shows how the blogger “Ann M. Coleman” became confident and comfortable with her own thoughts without being afraid of inner critic or people’s rejection… When I was young and naive enough to believe I had a good shot at making a living as a free-lance writer, I attended […]

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Love is an intense feeling of deep affection . I’m not focusing only on romantic love but all kinds of it . I’ve noticed a lot lately that love can change our lives differently , it makes everything sweet and beautiful .   One of my teachers once said : ” If you love the […]

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Who Am I ?

I am a woman on a mission in this wild world , trying to figure out the ways to paradise . I am a dreamer battling the obstacles that block her progress . I am a winner who won self-respect , self-assurance, and self-love . I am a hero who is always pushing herself to […]

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My youth

They say that life gets hard when we’re older , that’s true. When I was young I used to think that being older is awesome , you will be responsible and you’ll have your own money to buy whatever you want with it , basically I thought I would own everything and live a happy […]

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Seeing the beauty !

I took this picture months ago in Paris. This place is situated in front of the church “sacré cœur” , it’s a beautiful location , I’ve discovered many things there. As a curious person, knowing about the other religions is something interesting . And that’s what I did.

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Yesterday I watched a movie called “blood diamonds” in which it generally showed the struggle between government loyalists and insurgent forces in Africa. It seemed a really interesting movie for me, because they showed actual situations that each african citizen face every single day . Civil wars, child soldiers, insurgents’ exploitation,etc… and actually not in […]

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Peace or violence?

I saw people with their hands up towards the sky forming a “V” with their major and index fingers. I asked them what this symbol means, but nobody could answer me. Is it a sign of peace or a “V” of violence? How can I know ? A lot of questions going on. They treat […]

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Meditate, see what God has made for us. Explore the world, travel as much as you can, be free. I love traveling, I love seeing new things and new people, I love what God gave me , I simply love life. 

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