The scorpion and the turtle.

the scorpion n the turtle

Do you know the story of the scorpion and the turtle? I hope you do.

Now the question is; is the turtle dumb or is the scorpion too evil?

In my own opinion, neither the turtle is dumb nor the scorpion is too evil. The turtle didn’t realize that the scorpion would sting him until she did. It wasn’t his fault for helping her cross the river, because if she stings him they will both drown and that’s logical. But, unfortunately, there’s no logic in this case.The scorpion naturally stings. It is in her blood. That’s her character. Maybe if she didn’t sting him in the middle of the river, she would do it after crossing it, who knows?

Now, there are, actually, some people who resemble the scorpion. No matter how you help them, or try to be nice with them, or give them other chances they’ll be the same as they were. They’ll hurt you even if that hurts them too. It’s in their blood. It’s their character. Whereas, the people who resemble this turtle have to learn their lesson and never look back. The thing is, sometimes they just have to let everything related to those people go.

I find this story really inetresting. For me, the hidden message in it teaches a great lesson about life and makes people think deeply in their minds that there are different ways of thinking. Not everyone thinks the same. There’s good and there’s evil ,as well, in this world, it’s up to you to choose the good or the bad side.



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