What would I say to a younger version of myself ?


Zahra, not everyone you trust is trust worthy. Love, be nice, and have fun but don’t expect too much from your surroundings.

Forgive who did you wrong because forgiving is a part of moving on.

Be open to learn tough lessons. Thanks to them you become more mature.

Battle for what you want even if it seems impossible to everyone and don’t be afraid to dream big. Learn as much as you can. Be ambitious.

Zahra, your voice matters. Having a voice means having a strong personality. Don’t let others bring you down and fight for what you truly believe in. Never be scared to try new things, go on adventures, and just be yourself.

Be brave enough to cut wrong people from your life even if seems hard for you. If you feel that your inner peace is threatened, then cutting them out is the best decision.

Zahra, know that dark times are meant to teach you bright lessons and to make you appreciate the good, happy times.

Keep in mind that nothing lasts forever, and nothing stays the same. People change, you change. And what is meant to be, it will, definitely, be.


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