My adventure in Disneyland Paris


Last year I went to Paris and of course I visited Disneyland. It was so amazing, I had so much fun. So I wanted to share with you some pictures I took there, ’cause why not? Enjoy!

When you  get there, this will be the first thing you see. Isn’t it a so beautiful entrance?



When I first saw the castle I felt happiness running through my veins (yes I mean it lol).



This is obviously me and I don’t know why I cross my legs when they take pics of me lol. Maybe cause I was so happy that I didn’t know how to stand xD 


As you can see, It was the month of Halloween. That’s why Mickey was made with pumpkins haha.















You sometimes deserve a flight with Peter Pan.
“All that is within the limit of the possible must be and will be accomplished.”  -Jules Verne
Also me. Uh thank god I’m not cross legged again lol.



















This is a galaxy roller coaster. I screamed ’til I lost my voice. It was so FUN tho lol.
I also made new friends. This is one of them haha.
…and a new boyfriend too. 


















Goals huh! 
These were my last moments in Disneyland. I was pretty sad leaving it. I felt like it was where I belong tbh.


I remember my last words were: I’m coming back. Wait for me.

That’s it. Hope you enjoyed seeing the pictures. And if you made it to the end, comment down below what you enjoyed the most. xoxo

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  1. I like the first picture of you with Gaston, you look so tickled!

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    1. zaralouki says:

      Haha I still remember that moment like it was yesterday. Thanks ❤🌹

      Liked by 1 person

      1. We took our kids to the American Walt Disney World in 2015, it was an awesome trip!

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      2. zaralouki says:

        That’s great 😄 I definitely want to visit it someday too. I love to travel and discover new places.

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    1. zaralouki says:

      The castle is unbelievably beautiful 😍

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  2. Fabulous pictures Zahra! Disneyland is truly like walking into another world with all the characters prancing around. Did you ride any of the roller-coasters, carrousel, or enter MY favorite, the La Cabane de Robinson (Swiss Family Robinson)? What was your favorite sit/ride?

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    1. zaralouki says:

      Thanks Professor Taboo. Yes I tried the Indiana Jones et le temple du Péril and The galaxy Roller coasters. Also, Autopia for cars, it was a so funny ride with my mom. I tried Dumbo the flying elephant though it was for babies lol, Blanche neige et les 7 nains too, umm what else? ah yeah, the adventure isle and liberty arcade, Pirate’s beach and Pirate’s of the caribbean…etc. And i wanted to meet Mickey so bad but due to the time I couldn’t. It was an amazing trip.

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