Writing and baking a cake are very much alike

Hello beautiful people! I want to share with you my guest post for my lovely Esmé . Comments are closed. Please write them at her beatifully made page. Enjooyy! via Writing and baking a cake are very much alike

My adventure in Disneyland Paris

Last year I went to Paris and of course I visited Disneyland. It was so amazing, I had so much fun. So I wanted to share with you some pictures I took there, ’cause why not? Enjoy! When I first saw the castle I felt happiness running through my veins (yes I mean it lol)….

True Story

NOTE: I have watched the movie “TRUE STORY” and I loved it. So, it inspired me to write my own version in a form of a short story. Hope you will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.  Zack seemed so mysterious to everybody. He had only one friend who believed in him….

Clouds and a little bit of sun

I discovered a side of me that loves taking photos of the sky and its wonderful clouds (since we are in winter). ENJOY ❤ I usually edit my pictures with CAMLY, but there’s also VSCO. It’s really good for editing your photos. I added a 3D effect to make my pictures a little bit unique…