I don’t know if you were honest with me when you said “forgive me”. I don’t care if you weren’t, but deep down in my heart I hope you were. I really hope so. I hope you are trying to work it out for us. I really hope that you really care about us.

Sometimes I wonder if I really know the real you, you change a lot but I don’t care, because I trust you, I feel home with you, I simply love you. I didn’t really find you when I needed you, but I still love you because you need me, you need us. I still love you because no one else does. I feel sorry for you, my heart melts for you. I care about you even though I don’t feel the same from you. All I surely know from you is “forgive me”, “your mother needs you”, but you never asked if “I” need you, and nonetheless I didn’t and I don’t care.

I didn’t find a father figure when I was young and I guess I used to it. I’m completely fine. I’m happy for myself, but I’m not happy for you. I’m sorry.




I always ask myself : “what I’d do without you?”. You really are my everything. You gave me love and care that I always needed. You showed me that Mercy and I are everything you have. You were always there when I needed you. You helped me in the past, helping in the present, and I’m sure  that you’ll be there for me no matter what. You’re the only one who fills the empty void that I sometimes feel when I’m not okay. I love you with all of my heart. I appreciate and respect you no matter what. And, I will always be there for you. Because you’re all I have. Because you’re my mother.


Shoutout to my friend Oubid’Allah aka David for taking these two beautiful pictures for me.

PS: Mercy is my sister’s name.


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  1. followed you. new to your blog but I must say I’m finding it interesting

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    1. zaralouki says:

      Thank you so much. I appreciate it 🌹

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