Suicide : The art of surrendering .

I heard someone who I really love saying he stopped believing in love when he was 17 and he didn’t want to hurt anymore . He had a friend who committed suicide left a hole in his chest because she was strong enough to do something he still and have always wanted to do for years but have never possessed the strength to do , then he said he’s ready to die alone.

Suicide means you’re so coward to face your own thoughts so you prefer to die forgetting that there’s another life waiting for you , the heareafter life . Have you ever wondered if you’re ready for it? Probably not.

Not killing yourself means you have faith in it , you trust it that you’re going to battle no matter what . I went through this just months ago , I felt like my purpose in life is literally nothing , my dreams seemed to fade away, the person that I loved the most was gone, and many more problems that I don’t wanna talk about . I was in pain , I was depressed and nobody could feel me because the pain was within me I didn’t tell nobody , I battled that deppression by myself though I wanted to die several times but I prefered to pray to god day and night to help me and ease my pain. Nobody could feel me but god . I knew that I wasn’t ALONE ; god was and still is with me .

Now , I’m totally fine with my life , I got to admit that it isn’t the best but at least it’s better than it was . I launched this blog to spread positivity through my writings and help people who are in need by my experiences , I’m only 19 , my life just bagan and so did yours . Never give up ! Stay strong ! Because you already are . It’s the beauty through the pain fam .


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