Fashion week : Fashion luv !

Since it’s fashion week season , I decided to write a little about fashion .

Fashion has always been a passion to me . I remember when I was 8 years old I began watching fashion shows and since then I fell in love . It’s my happiness seeing those models walking down the runway being all confident .

Fashion political awakening at NYFW

I love seeing new trends ; like every designer try to show his skills through his designs and apply his imagination on concrete objects (tissues) .

I’ve always dreamed about being a designer even though I don’t know how to sew and my drawing skills aren’t the best but I just feel happy thinking about fashion shows , modelling , photoshoots etc…and also confident and enthusiastic about everything conserned with fashion .

So “the fashion week” is a month full of inspiration , outfits , shoes , everything ! ( I wish I could be in London right now ) . “Feel free to wear your best clothes and get ready for the show… ” this is amazing ! If you’re a fashion lover you know this feeling .

Neels Visser
Sonia Ben-ammar

It’s an overwhelming feeling having something you’re passionate about and that makes you happy everytime you think about it .

Xavier Serrano 
Taylor Hill 







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