Chafia is one of the few persons who have a special place in my heart . She’s one of a kind .

She tries to help me without any charge  ;  she gives me golden advices that I’ll never forget my whole life, and I feel so lucky having someone like her in it ; someone kind hearted , sweet and nice  ;  someone who you can tell all your secrets to without being afraid of getting judged .

Chafia faced the toughest challenges, but she remained patient  ;  she fought and still fighting in the battles of injustice though she’ll be ready at any time to help people out if they need her . Her strength is unconditional and so is my love for her . She’s one of the strongest people I know, and I’m so proud of her .

Chafia is open-minded . You feel like she’s your bestfriend and at the same time your mother ( well ,you can consider her whoever you want) .
It’s an amazing feeling having someone who’s happy seeing you doing good in your life , helping you achieving your goals and believe in you no matter what . Who supports you and sticks with you through thick and thin . I can’t describe how much she means to me .

Chafia is a member of my family ; she’s my aunt . So , tell me how I can’t learn so much from her !


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