How much is your dream important to you ?

Everytime I think of something too much , my mind captivates those thoughts and turns them into actions .


You know that automobiles , telephones and much more were someday somebody’s dream . He kept trying over and over again until he made them real , what I’m trying to say is ; if you really want something you’ll live for it , your thoughts will be based on two things : your dream and how you are going to make it true .


I have a dream . I have an idea in my mind and I believe that even after years of trying I’m going to turn it into reality ( if God wills ) . I’ve been created to be somebody not to just have things  ; I was born to do something good for me and beneficial for others , I’m here to spread positivity to receive it as well .

Everytime I see someone who works hard , achieving his desired aim I feel happy , because that gives me hope . The hope of ” hard work always pays off ” . All you got to have is : an idea , a plan and faith .



Pictures are taken and edited by me .

My personal IG : @itssozara




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