How the society is defining beauty for us .

I was scrolling through Instagram and all I was seeing were pictures of girls wearing fake lashes , hair extensions , push up bras , sucking their tommies in ,etc… I wondered why these young girls were doing this to themselves and spending their money on fake things .Why couldn’t they just be simple ? Then I answered myself that it wasn’t their fault for trying to be beautiful and attractive , it is the society’s for defining the beauty as the way it is .

Society says that the “X” shape is beauty , long hair and long lashes are beauty , extra white teeth are beauty , the “bigger is better” or too skinny are beauty and many pointless things are definded as beauty whereas it’s in the simple ones .


God created each one of us in his own beauty and gave him the right to define it by himself with limits that prevent him from falling into the society’s trap .

If I’m fat , skinny , flat-chested , black , white , hairy , I have strech marks all over my body ,  … so what ? It’s exhausting to be told what beauty should look like . People are dying to stress ourselves over perfection .

I believe that women who wear hijab (hiding hair with a scarf in a modest way) or even without hair are beautiful , I believe that fat or too skinny girls are beautiful , I believe that everybody is beautiful in his own way ; that being said you don’t have to be perfect to be beautiful . Perfection is for barbie dolls which obviously do nothing but being “perfect”.


I’ve met a lot of good looking people , some of them weren’t polite and the others were cocky and from the “everybody loves me because i’m hot” type ; at that time I realized that the real beauty is inside and not on the outside .

Let your manners define who you really are and not the society . The beauty is inside you don’t let them bring you down . Nobody has the right to define the beauty for us !

“simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” 

-Leonardo da vinci.






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