Love is an intense feeling of deep affection . I’m not focusing only on romantic love but all kinds of it . I’ve noticed a lot lately that love can change our lives differently , it makes everything sweet and beautiful .


One of my teachers once said : ” If you love the teacher , you love your studies…” I found that very accurate and true , by the way I love that teacher very much and I learned from him that if you love what you do, you will do what you love .


When you feel the love within you , you feel it outside of you . I loved many things that I became passionate about them . I gave them love so they gave it back to me .

I love my family , I love my friends , I love people who give love back . We all want affection , attention and love , it’s something in common and that’s fantastic because here when you know that sharing these feelings with anyone who’s ready to give them back can heal many scars in several ways .

Smile with people , show them attention , if the case was in good terms . I remember last year everytime I go to study I meet a nice man , he was always smiling with me and that was always giving me positive vibrations in my head .


Let’s talk a little about romantic love. I was always saying that I wouldn’t get married because I don’t need nobody until I realise my dreams , but after a deep thinking I found that being with someone who share the same dreams as you , help each other realise them and become powerful together , walking on the same path is definitely something worthy . God created us to complete one another and to find peace and tranquility by loving each other .


Live your daily life with love .


Illustrations by Veevinci. She’s very talented and an amazing artist .

IG : @veevinci


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