My youth

They say that life gets hard when we’re older , that’s true. When I was young I used to think that being older is awesome , you will be responsible and you’ll have your own money to buy whatever you want with it , basically I thought I would own everything and live a happy life . Yes , that’s what I thought . To be honest I’m not that old , I’m only 19 years old , well , old enough to realise that my dreams when I was young are false .



Let’s go back to few years ago , my childhood was amazing , I was happy all the time , I had a life full of adventures and good intentions , I was the best at my school , I had great friends, I was interested in many things such as acting , designing clothes , modeling ,etc. I joined the theater for a while and it was a beautiful experience.


However , all of these things started to fade by time , my life turned upside down and everything became harder to me . I felt like I lost the sense of life , my dreams were faded by worries and doubts , my confidence hadn’t enough power to battle all of those challenges I’ve faced , simply my journey through my dreams became harder . But , I’m grateful , you knwo why ? Because that’s how it is . Life is made of levels and each level is more difficult than the previous one ; so to get to the summit you have to pass the hardest tests , as Daniel George Chidiac said in his book “Who says you can’t ? YOU DO ” : ” Nothing in life that is great is easy. If it were easy then it wouldn’t be great.” and that’s what I’m trying to explain . I’m always saying that patience is the key to success and i’m not wrong. Being patient can solve many problems . Imagine yourself as if you are playing a Mario game in real life , that’s kind of funny right ? But it’s a good resemblance isn’t it ?

Being old is hard I know and anybody who faced the same challenges as me knows that too but you have to deal with it by facing the scary fact as i’m trying to do .

“Fear: if you face it you can break it , if you run you’re done .”



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