Yesterday I watched a movie called “blood diamonds” in which it generally showed the struggle between government loyalists and insurgent forces in Africa. It seemed a really interesting movie for me, because they showed actual situations that each african citizen face every single day .


Civil wars, child soldiers, insurgents’ exploitation,etc… and actually not in just this movie ; few months ago I watched a report about Cocoa in Ivory coast ( cote d’ivoir) it was about chocolate industry , how to import Cocoa from there and ,of course, how it does come , obviously not from the sky lol. So, alot of secret dealers in Ivory coast exploit children to gain money , they forbade them from going to school, education, family and their future in general ; that’s totally unfair . I believe that Africa has really intelligent people and deserves to be a better continent , I believe that if they use their minds in a tricky way, Africa will be better .



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