My youth

They say that life gets hard when we’re older , that’s true. When I was young I used to think that being older is awsome , you will be responsible and you’ll have your own money to buy whatever you want with it , basically I thought I would own everything and live a happy […]

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Seeing the beauty !

I took this picture months ago in Paris. This place is situated in front of the church “sacré cœur” , it’s a beautiful location , I’ve discovered many things there. As a person knowing about the other religions is something interesting and that’s what I did.

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Yesterday I watched a movie called “blood diamonds” in which it generally showed the struggle between government loyalists and insurgent forces in Africa. It seemed a really interesting movie for me because they showed actual situations that each african citizen face every single day . Civil wars, child soldiers, insurgents’ exploitation…etc and actually not in […]

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Peace or violence?

I saw people with their hands up towards the sky forming a “V” with their major and index fingers. I asked them what this symbol means but nobody could answer me , is it a sign of peace or a “V” of violence? How can I know ? A lot of questions going on. They […]

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Meditate, see what God has made for us. Explore the world, travel as much as you can, be free. I love traveling, I love seeing new things and new people, I love what God gave me , I simply love life. 

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Is moving on something easy? 

Of course it’s easy, based on my personal experience. We all have, or at least had, something in common, a little hidden story that we want to remove it from our brains. Well, let me tell you that you can’t remove it but accept it instead. Once you open up to yourself you’ll be able […]

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Originally posted on Roses:
Hi everybody ! I opened this website to share my journey with you, also to post pictures taken by me because I love photography 😁. ENJOY !

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I had the best trip two years ago in Morocco. I visited Agadir, Marrakesh and Casablanca, the three of them were beautiful places, I met generous people there and I had so much fun .I’m looking forward to visit other places in  the future such as Germany and Italy 😀.

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